'Olivia is one in a million. Her readings are unbelievably accurate. She is very polite, down to earth, non-judgemental and speaks to you in a very calm manner.'       

'I am in a highly paid professional job. When I first spoke to Olivia I was a Senior Partner in a law firm based in the North East and I was travelling to work from the Midlands daily. I told her that I was looking at properties in the North East. Olivia told me that she was being taken towards London, so I just laughed and said that cannot be correct. I also told her I was looking for a new car . . . Olivia told me that she could see a black Bentley with a red leather interior. I thanked her for the reading and thought nothing of it. Two  months later I was head hunted by a firm of solicitors in London as a result I changed jobs and moved to London. A few weeks later I even purchased a black continental Bentley with a red leather interior. It was only when my wife reminded me about my reading with Olivia that I recalled what she told me. I called Olivia to say her predictions had come true.

 December 2011, I could not believe it when my wife said she had to travel abroad with my 6 year old daughter over Christmas as her Grandmother were gravely ill. I was devastated because I would have been away from my family as they were due to return on 31st December. Olivia told me 'I can see you together with your wife and daughter over Christmas,' I told Olivia that their return flights were for the 31st . . . I then received a telephone call from my wife on 22nd December; she asked me to meet them at Heathrow Airport on 24th December . . . they had managed to book a flight early as her Grandmother had recovered totally. We had the best Christmas ever, once again Olivia's prediction came true against all the odds . . . OLIVIA IS THE ONLY PSYCHIC THAT GOT THIS PREDICTION CORRECT, THAT'S WHY I BELIEVE SHE IS ONE IN A MILLION.'    

JJ - Barrister, London.